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 $1000 CASH PRIZE 



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Get Ready to shine with our Summer Shred Challenge!


Join our Summer Shred Challenge and improve your body composition by building muscle and shedding body fat.


Our goal is to hit all those beach muscles – glutes, abs, chest, shoulders, and arms – so you can confidently rock your summer vibes.


How are we doing it?

High-Intensity Training! Combining Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Cardiovascular exercises, all focused on improving your overall strength and fitness. By mixing these disciplines with high-intensity workouts, your metabolism gets a boost, channelling nutrients into your muscles instead of storing them as fat.

Yes, even when you're at home relaxing, you'll be burning calories, thanks to the magic of our high-intensity program.


But that's not all. Enrolling in the challenge grants you FREE ACCESS to our exclusive LIFTING & GYMNASTICS WORKSHOPS. Learn from our expert and experienced coaches how to master your movements and even learn new skills.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to achieve your best summer self.

  • 8-week fitness challenge

  • Personalised group coaching

  • Progress Tracking

  • Body Composition Measurements

  • Individual Prizes


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