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4 Benefits of Group Training at POD1UM Group Fitness - Newstead Gym

There are two types of people in the gym – those who like to train alone, and those who like to train in a group. We get it. That being said, group training sessions have a number of benefits, and we’re proud to offer a facility where even those who prefer to train alone can join in, and get the best of both worlds.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the benefits of group training, and how we facilitate them in a unique way in our Newstead gym, here at POD1UM Group Fitness. If you’re from looking for a gym in Brisbane CBD, this is for you.

The Benefits of Group Training

1, You Can Benefit From Structured Classes

First of all, one of the key benefits of group training at the gym is that you can benefit from structured classes run by a qualified personal trainer.

This is especially helpful if you’re new to the gym, or just want to expand your knowledge of the equipment. Plus, it takes a lot of planning out of the day for you. You can simply arrive dressed for the occasion, and let the trainers guide you.

2. Your Accountability Increases

Accountability is a key component of setting goals and sticking to them. In a group fitness setting, familiar faces tend to give you more reason to attend a class regularly. The more you attend, the more of a network you create, and the more people that you will want to be there to see and train with. Not to mention, more people who will notice if you’re missing for a few weeks! Likewise, it’s only human psychology to want to keep going when you see others by your side doing the same. There are so many accountability benefits of group training!

3. You Have a Support Network

Secondly to your accountability increasing, group training gives you a support network. Not feeling up to it? Well, perhaps it would be worthwhile when you get to smash out a good session with your gym buddies. Or maybe you feel like you could have done better during your session? You’ll have a group of people ready to help pump you up! They say united we stand, divided we fall, and it’s no different in the gym.

4. It Makes Training Fun

Lastly, group training is fun! This list wouldn’t be complete without making note of how fun it can be to smash out a good session with a group of like-minded people. When you’re having fun in the gym, it can motivate you to go that extra mile – or put in that extra session. If exercise is a bit of a chore to you, there is no better way to give it the pizzazz it needs to become something you enjoy than to make friends while doing it.

Here at POD1UM Group Fitness, we’re passionate about helping you reach your goals in your own time and pace. Get in touch with us now to arrange your free trial, and experience the POD1UM Difference for yourself. Join us today at 21 Maud Street, Newstead.

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