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 hatha flow yoga

Experience the flowing essence of yoga in our Hatha Yoga class, a practice that emphasizes balance, alignment, and the connection between body and mind. Hatha, which translates to "force" in Sanskrit, focuses on the fundamental postures and breath control to promote physical and mental well-being.


What to Expect

Deepening Poses: Hatha Flow Yoga features a slower-paced practice with a focus on deepening yoga poses to create balance. Each pose is held for a few breaths, allowing you to explore your body's alignment and find comfort in each posture, and also experiencing the connection between the poses with a nice and creative flow.


Breath Awareness: Learn the art of mindful breathing as you synchronize your breath with your movements. Breath awareness is a cornerstone of Hatha Flow Yoga, promoting relaxation and inner calm.


Alignment: The class emphasizes proper alignment and form to ensure safety and effectiveness in each pose. You'll receive guidance on how to align your body for maximum benefit.


Steady and Calm: Expect a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for reducing stress and finding tranquility. Hatha Flow Yoga encourages you to be present in the moment and cultivate inner peace.


Mind-Body Connection: As you move through the practice, you'll strengthen the connection between your body and mind, fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner harmony.


Variety: Hatha Flow Yoga incorporates a variety of poses, including standing, seated, balance, twisting and reclining postures. Each class may explore different sequences and themes to keep your practice engaging, nurturing and diverse.



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