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Pod1um now has it's very own Dietitian who sees your potential as athletes to thrive not only in your training and performance, but also in all aspects of your life.

Lizzie will help you create realistic and sustainable goals, whilst working alongside your Pod1um trainers to ensure these are achieved.


Lizzie has a special passion for sports nutrition from her history as a competitive gymnast and recently running a full marathon. She views nutrition has a key game changer in both resistance and endurance sports and achieving aesthetic related goals.

How can Lizzie help you?

  • Group education sessions at Saturday workshops

  • one-on-one consults at Pod1um including a full nutrition assessment and interventions to optimize performance related goals.

  • Individualised 6-week meal plan that coordinates your training schedule, lifestyle, and food preferences to tailor it to your needs and goals. Lizzie utilizes precise calculations and scientific evidence to ensure your are consuming adequate macros and energy to achieve thee goals and optimize energy levels.


  • Nutrition consult: 45-minute initial consultation with general meal plan, education + resources and tailored nutrition strategies - $100

  • Consult check in 20 minutes - $45

  • 6-week Meal plan Add on from consult - $60

  • 6-week personalised meal plan - $100

Book via the Pod1um App, or contact us if you have any questions!

Introducing Lizzie Gralton! 👏




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