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Fitness with a Strength Balance component

Experience a mix of flexibility, mobility, and strength exercises, meticulously designed to improve your body composition, enhance muscle, and joint strength, with the goal of bulletproofing your body, make you look good and feel incredible. 

Begin with a dynamic blend of flexibility and mobility exercises, priming your body for optimal performance and increase your range of motion. 

Next, dive into some strength and stability movements dedicated to sculpt your physique and fortify your muscles and joints. Transform your body as you gain strength, improve posture, and achieve a solid foundation. 

Finish the session with a fun high intensity workout designed to target the same muscle group from different angles. Whether it's AMRAP, EMOM, or another type of challenge, this routine will provide you with a complete and perfectly balanced fitness experience. 

PODFIT not only enhance your strength, but also improve your body composition and overall fitness. Book your class and give it a try! 



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